The Housing Inventory Count collects information about all of the beds and units in each Continuum of Care homeless system, categorized by Provider Project Types. All CoCs are required to conduct a HIC count every year. Counts must be conducted during the last ten days in January. CoCs will submit their HIC data via HUD’s Homelessness Data Exchange (HDX) in Spring.

    To see HIC data for our CoC throughout the years, check out the CoC Housing Inventory Count Reports on HUD's website.


    2018 Housing Inventory Count (Excel) conducted 1/26/2018


    2018 Orange County Housing Stock

    *Chart includes current inventory as of the date of the HIC for that year, and doesn’t include beds that were under development.


    Historical Reports

    Links to reports on HUD's website

    HUD’s 2017 CoC – Housing Inventory Count Report (PDF)

    HUD’s 2016 CoC – Housing Inventory Count Report (PDF)

    HUD’s 2015 CoC – Housing Inventory Count Report (PDF)

    HUD’s 2014 CoC – Housing Inventory Count Report (PDF)


    Other Report Formats

    2017 Housing Inventory Count (Excel) conducted 1/27/2017

    2016 Housing Inventory Count (Excel) conducted 1/29/2016

    2015 Housing Inventory Count (Excel) conducted 1/23/2015

    2014 Housing Inventory Count (Excel) conducted 1/24/2014


    Find reports on HUD's website. Scroll down and use the "Filter By" section to choose a year, and select all states, a specific state or a specific CoC (Orange County is CA-602)

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