April 2014

    A Better 2-1-1 Helpline

    We’re continuing to improve, thanks to your feedback! Here's some information on our performance last month (Click here to download as a PDF.)

    March Helpline News for April Newsletter

    A Better 2-1-1 Resource Database

    Our resource department has been working with agencies to update the program information for the top 300 referred to partners.

    211OC Agency Verifications for April 2014 Newsletter

    From January to February they have fully updated 41 agencies and their respective program information to ensure accuracy of information and referrals passed onto 211OC callers. In this time, 6 new agencies and 43 new programs have been added to the resource database and over 1,000 records have been modified to reflect smaller changes in program details. With consistency and drive they are confident in reaching their target goal of fully updating the top 300 most referred to agencies by September 2014!

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