Connecting People in Need with Resources      May 8, 2020     Hosted by Judge Jim Gray (Ret.)

    Episode Description:  Do you know that there is a nationwide private group that connects people in need with resources? It's called "2-1-1." Anyone can call 211 on their phone and be connected to services all the way from crisis counseling to food distribution to procuring transportation. If this group doesn't make you proud, something is wrong. Our guest is Ms. Karen Williams, the President and CEO of 2-1-1OC, which is in Orange County, California, but she discusses those services nationwide. So many people will do so much better addressing their problems if they know where to turn for help. Would you know where to go if you couldn't afford to pay your utility bill, or were a victim of domestic violence? Call 211. Accurate information and help regarding the CoronaVirus, and so much more? Call 211. This private group of professionals and volunteers lives up to its motto of "Love, Compassion, Community." Ms. Williams and her group should be candidates for sainthood! Tune in and you will agree!

    News Releases
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