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  • Coordinated Entry and Victim Service Providers FAQs (PDF on HUD's website)
    1. How does HUD define victim service provider?
    2. Is it permissible for a victim service provider to participate in their Continuum of Care's coordinated entry process?
    3. Is it permissible for households once served by a victim service provider who then enter a non-victim service provider project to withhold consent to have their data shared via HMIS?
    4. How do coordinated entry staff determine when domestic violence or trauma experiences are best addressed by a victim service provider rather than a general homeless assistance provider?
    5. What safeguards must our CoC build into our coordinated entry process to protect vidtims of domestic viloence?
    6. How can our CoC serve victims of domestic violence when our ocordinated entry location is known to the entire community, potentially endangering those victim households?
    7. If our CoC chooses to create a separate coordianted entry process for vidtims of domestic violence, what should it look like?
  • Coordinated Entry and HMIS FAQ (PDF on HUD's website)
    1. Are CoCs required to use their HMIS in their coordinated entry process?
    2. Our CoC uses a module outside of our HMIS to collect assessment data as part of our coordinated entry process; is this permissible?
    3. Our CoC's HMIS is closed and the data is only seen by the provider entering it into the HMIS. Can recipients and subrecipients still use our HMS in our coordinated entry process?
    4. Is it permissible to include Domestic Violence providers in the coordinated entry process if the CoC uses HMIS as a tool?
    5. Has HUD published guidance about what it expects communitites to report regarding coordinated entry?
    6. Is it permissible for recipients and subrecipients to use CoC or ESG funds to pay to update their HMIS to become part of our coordinated entry process?