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Implementation Groups (IG)

For each goal outlined in the 10-Year Plan To End Homelessness, there are strategies and implementation actions outlined. Implementation Groups are responsible for implementing these actions.


Implementation Group 1 (IG#1)

Outreach to Homeless / At Risk, Prevention and Diversion

 The goals of IG#1 are:

  1. Prevent homelessness - ensure that no one in our community becomes homeless
  2. Outreach to those who are homeless and at-risk of homelessness

View Implementation Group 1 Agendas and Minutes


Implementation Group 2 (IG#2)

Improve Emergency Shelter/Transitional Housing

 The goals of IG #2 are:

  1. Improve the efficacy of the emergency shelter and access system
  2. Make strategic improvements in the transitional housing system

View Implementation Group 2 Agendas and Minutes 


Implementation Group 3 (IG#3)

Permanent Housing Solutions

 The goals of IG #3 are:

  1. Develop permanent housing options linked to a range of supportive services
  2. Ensure that people have the right resources, programs and services to remain housed

View Implementation Group 3 Agendas and Minutes 


Implementation Group 4 (IG#4)

Data Systems, Social Policy & Systemic Change

  The goals of IG #4 are:

  1. Improve data systems to provide timely, accurate data that can be used to define the need for housing and related services and to measure outcomes
  2. Develop the systems and organizational structures to provide oversight and accountability
  3. Advocate for social policy and systemic changes necessary to succeed

 View Implementation Group 4 Agendas and Minutes